Ms. Mitra Jashni

Ms. Mitra Jashni


Mitra Jashni was born in Iran. She received her M.A. from Sooreh University in Tehran (2008) from Art in History & Philosophy Department, and graduated with B.A. degree in Art from Sooreh University (2006).  

She is an Iranian-Kurdish post-modern artist, and a permanent member of Iranian Painters Association. She specializes in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture. She is an art teacher, translator, author, and Iranian contemporary music singer.
 Ms. Jashni has worked as an artist for more than 14 years in Iran, Canada, South America, and Europe. She founded the Visual Art and Music Institute in Tehran, Mehr Yasht Azal in 2008 and worked as the director until she had to leave Iran in 2010. After leaving Iran, she lived and worked as an artist, history and philosophy teacher in Ecuador. She finally settled in Netherlands in 2014.

Ms. Jashni is currently an art program coordinator in the National Dutch NGO Vrolijkheid. She organizes workshops for asylum seekers in the refugee centers. she organized the first "paint-in" project in Ecuador with Sara Palacios with whom she lived and worked for 8 months in the same studio in 2013. She also worked and organized projects that specifically investigate and focus on the cultural integration and its impact on the "Immigrant Artist’s Identity Difficulties".
In 2018, she joined the Iran Revival (Farashgard) which is a political action network dedicated to opposition to the oppressive Islamic Republic regime of Iran, seeking to establish a secular democracy in her home country with laws adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). She has contributed to the Iran Revival team by producing written, audio, and visual content for the social media.
Ms. Jashni is fluent in Persian, English, and intermediate in Spanish and Dutch languages. She enjoys singing.