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Our Mission

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National Union For Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) strives for a free and democratic Iran that honors the human rights of all its citizens.

We believe in the strategy of civil disobedience and nonviolent political defiance of the people of Iran in pursuit of a democratic transition from a theocratic and medieval to a modern and democratic state;

We believe in an open and transparent democratic system of government that works for equality for all Iranians, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or political views as decreed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

We believe in preserving Iran’s rich legacy of diverse cultures, languages and religions;

We believe in responsible allocation of Iran’s natural resources, and utilizing the skills and contributions of the Iranian people, to create a thriving economy with constantly improving living standards;

We believe in an Iran that is a bona fide member of the community of nations with respect for international law and sovereignty of all states. We can ultimately summarize our belief to be the following:

1- Allegiance to the territorial integrity of Iran.

2- National unity for democratic transition from the anachronistic and anomalistic system of Islamic theocracy to a modern and secular democracy.

3- Institutionalization of democracy, establishment of a new social order manifested in prevailing of modern and democratic socio-political order that corresponds to the history of Iranian aspirations for democratization and the rule of modern law as the final stages of completion of the 1906 constitutionalist revolution.

4- Collaboration and cooperation with all political parties, groups and associations, both inside and outside of Iran, to paralyze the paramilitary and coercive forces of the Islamic republic to defy the rule of the dictatorial theocracy in Iran and to set the conditions for a national referendum, through which the people of Iran will be free to materialize their democratic aspirations and choose their future form of government that is based on the universal declaration of human rights.

5- Relentless campaign for unequivocal and total equality between women and men.

6- Equality of every Iranian before the law without distinction of any kind, such as sex, religion, race, social status, political or other opinion.

7- Promotion and supports of the strategy of nonviolent civil disobedience and strongest objections and condemnation of violence and use of terror under any circumstances.

8- Protection of free speech and freedom of self expression as a necessary condition for the institutionalization of democracy in Iran.

9- Recognition of Reza Pahlavi as the symbol of national unity for transition to democracy, secularism, and progress until the national referendum.


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