Dr. Hamid Noorani

Dr. Hamid Noorani

“I left the familiar and comfortable homeland to discover the world beyond, and learned plenty from what I saw.

I learned that the heartbeat of the Universe comes from the inviolable Laws of Physics.

I saw there is only one Human Family: all sharing this wonderful planet, the same genetic pool, and each a node in a network of social and commercial exchanges that benefit us all.

I saw every individual is naturally blessed with the capacity to love and the capacity to learn:
our Intrinsic Human Worth.

I saw how each individual is a blessing to the whole Human Family.

I found the rational path and saw it leads to a productive life:
creating and bestowing unbound blessings to all.

I learned the rational choice is to love the World.”

Text: About the Author section of the books “POWER – The Modern Doctrine” and “Rational Decision-Making”.

Ph.D. Capella University, Minneapolis, MN, 2014
Organization & Management
Dissertation Title: Identifying the distinguishing features of routine and non-routine operational situations: A case study
M.B.A. University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, 2001
Master of International Management
BSc(Eng.) University of London, North East London Polytechnic,
Barking, Essex, U.K., 1976
Chemical Engineering

Professional Experience

Global Business Development Manager, 1998 – 1999
Waeschle GmbH, Weingarten, Germany (The company has since been absorbed into another company)
Led international sales for world leader in pneumatic conveying systems for plastics/petrochemical industries.
Directed teams from US, Europe, and Asia; provided support for South Korean market.
Initiated marketing in US and Asia of new technology for conveying of plastic pellets.
Led bidding teams for $18+ million Venezuelan project and $7 million South Korean project.
Sales Engineer / Account Manager, 1990 – 1997
Buhler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland
Buhler Inc., Plymouth, MN
Led an international team in selling $25+ million conveying systems project for Saudi Arabia (largest sale in history of U.S. office).
Led an international team in selling $10 million thermal processing plant for PET polymer in U.S.
Achieved sales and new accounts for capital equipment in plastics and chemical production facilities.
Process Technology Supervisor / Production Supervisor, 1980-1989
Monsanto (Canada) Inc., LaSalle, Quebec, Canada
(The company has since divested all the product lines for which I worked)
Managed a team of engineers and chemists providing technical support for plant that produced 10 specialty plastics and chemicals.
Stimulated production from worst to best by designing/implementing new training program.
Chaired 2 Quality Audit Boards, led troubleshooting teams, and developed new money-saving products/processes.
Supervised production management (union workers), quality/safety improvement, and process design/optimization.

Teaching Experience

Faculty, General Management MBA Courses 2001 – Present
Keller Graduate School of Management, Chicago Metro Area, IL
Teaching MBA courses onsite and online.

Faculty, General Management MBA courses 2008 – Present
Benedictine University, Lisle Campus, IL
Teaching MBA courses in Asia

International Background


Farsi (Persian) – Native Language
English – Main language of use, fully proficient
German – Reading & Speaking
French – Reading & Speaking


American, Canadian, & Iranian

Countries Lived

Iran (17 years), England (10 years), France (sporadic over few years), Canada (10 years),
Switzerland (1 year, travelled many times), Germany (1 month, travelled many times),
South Korea (sporadic over one year), U.S. (23 years).

Countries Worked

Canada, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and U.S.