NUFDI (National Union For Democracy in Iran) 2017 Overview

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 14:37
2017 Overview - It is with great pride and pleasure that I present the organization’s current year report and vision for the coming year.

2017 was a great year for NUFDI; we made considerable progress in connecting with our activists and youth inside the country. We conducted our quarterly meeting in order to be more effective inside Iran. I had a few interviews with numerous media outlets to be a voice of our compatriots in Iran.

As anticipated, the Islamic Republic was emboldened by the unfreezing of $150 Billion in assets under the Obama administration. Additionally, the $400,000 that was paid to the US as a deposit to purchase armaments under the Shah had accumulated to $1.6 billion, all of which was delivered in cash in the dark of the night in currencies other than the dollar to a few mullahs in Iran. These actions were all taken to appease the ayatollahs in Iran under the JCPOA agreement. There are no accounts as to what happened to all these funds.
The Islamic Republic continues to fund the construction of hospitals, schools, and highways in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. Even though some Iranians thought that this agreement and other clandestine deals would lead to the betterment of their lives, Iran’s economy remains in shambles as Iran’s youth search for hope.
All the while, we have tried to remain focused on our ultimate goal: the promotion of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. We have sought to develop new ideas for engaging the people in Iran and we have worked to raise awareness of the true nature of the Islamic Republic within the international community.
      * Our honorary chair, HIH Reza Pahlavi, has been most active in drawing global attention to the plight of the Iranian people and their unwavering desire to better their lives. HIH has traveled across the United States, to hold meetings with our  compatriots. HIH has dedicated his time to meeting with various foreign nationals and granted interviews to  the Wall Street  Journal(USA),  Associated Press(USA),   Fox News(USA), RTS Radio Television Suisse( Switzerland), i24 News ( Israel), Radio Farda( USA/Prauge), Deutsche Welle( Germany), la Repubblica( Italy), TRT World( Turkey), Al Arabyia( UAE), Gulf Daily News( UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia), BBC Arabic( Lebanon), Huffington Post( USA),  VOA – Persian (USA), Manoto – Persian (UK), Taghato – Persian(USA), Globo ( Brazil),  and Lubbock Avalance-Journal (Lubbock, TX)

     * On Capitol Hill, our honorary chair personally met with Senator McCain, Senator Hatch, Senator Scott, Senator Flake, Congressman King, Congressman Roskam, and Congressman Sherman to discuss the aspiration of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.

     * HIH, graciously met with young Iranian activists.
Earlier this year, I drafted a congratulatory letter to the newly elected US president, the Honorable President Donald J. Trump.  In the letter, I respectfully requested and hoped for his administration to represent a third policy alternative: engagement with the Iranian people. I also indicated that the Islamic Republic broke its social contract with the Iranian people long ago and the fact that it is neither a democratic nor a popular government. I stressed that unlike the IRI, the Iranian people are overwhelmingly pro-Western and pro-American.  They are liberal and secular and yearn to build bridges to the international community.  And yet despite this stark, very meaningful contrast between the IRI and the Iranian people, virtually all engagement between the United States and Iran had occurred at the level of government, while the Iranian people have been consistently ignored. As the Iranian people together represent America’s single greatest and most natural ally in promoting and achieving a democratic, responsible, peaceful and prosperous Iran, our request and hope was that the Trump administration return to the Iranian people their long deserved but denied “seat at the table”.   
What has inspired, and continues to fuel our activities, is our firm belief in the strategy of civil disobedience and nonviolent political resistance in pursuit of a democratic transition from a theocratic and medieval state to a modern and democratic state, which represents, and is equally committed to all Iranians, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or political views, as decreed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as stated in our mission statement.

2018 Outlook - Our goal for the coming year is to expand operations and attract more supporters to the organization. Our board of directors has approved a plan to establish branch offices in major cities with a high concentration of Iranians. We will amplify our efforts on the Capitol Hill in bringing our compatriot's voices to American lawmakers. We will continue to adopt monthly conferences to discuss matters that are important to all of us as Iranians. We shall organize a few fund-raising events in major cities to help support these efforts but none of these goals can be realized without your financial and moral support, which we greatly appreciate and value. And as in the past, we will assist HIH Reza Pahlavi in any capacity we can.

Your generous donation will help us in our continued success and ability to hire and retain exceptional professionals. Your participation at any level will be much appreciated. I urge you to visit our site and register to be informed. You can donate online or send your contributions directly to the following address:

P.O. Box 60317
Potomac, MD  20859-0317
As you might know, my term as the President and Chairman of NUFDI will be over at the end of this year and I am grateful to the board for putting their trust in me for the last two years. It has been a privilege. What NUFDI has been able to accomplish since its inception is the result of the hard work, wisdom, and dedication of NUFDI’s members and supporters who work tirelessly to promote our mission statement. The incredible members of NUFDI’s boards of directors have made significant intellectual, financial, and/or emotional investments in this organization and its success. I, as the president and CEO of this unique organization, am indebted to all of these individuals for their commitment, insight, and support. I am honored to have been a small part of this success and will remain a devoted supporter of NUFDI and its future success. Unless I am re-elected by the board, I am confident that the new chair will adopt the same philosophy with a newer vision going forward.

We all believe trust and transparency are the most critical elements to any organization's ability to succeed. We have sought to build trust and demonstrate transparency from the inception of our activities until the present day. Thank you again and best wishes to you and your family.

Dr. Saeed Ganji
President & Chairman
National Union For Democracy in Iran