Norooz greetings from Prince Reza Pahlavi

Saturday, 21 March 2015 15:32
My compatriots,

I congratulate you and all other nations of the world on the arrival of a pleasant spring and Norooz, which is an Iranian celebration that dates back thousands of years; may the New Year be an auspicious one for the ladies, young adults, youth and children that will be building the future of Iran. You have made the name of Iran and Iranians renowned and glorious in the world with your significant innovations, despite the many shortcomings that exist.

Norooz is the oldest celebration in the world, and is the common language of the people of Iran, as well as being the outcome for the link between nations for friendship and global amity.
I extend special felicitations to the mothers and fathers who are in mourning, the veterans of war who generously sacrificed their body and soul for the protection of the entire nation, to the refugees, to the political-ideological prisoners and their relatives and to those who are suffering from illness. Let us not forget Norooz gifts for the children living on the streets who do not have any guardians and that of the needy.

My compatriots, I wish you health and happiness for all of you throughout the world.
Norooz is the strut of life, love and a message of hope for another year. The exact time of change is a border between the year that ended and the beginning of a new year. We greet the spring with thousands of wishes and hopes for a better and brighter future and welcome the New Year.

While Iran’s ecosystem status is undergoing a serious and sad threat during these turbulent times, it is unfortunate that most of the natural and man-made water habitats are heading towards dryness due to the tactlessness and implementation of unstable expansion by the Islamic Republic regime in water management. Forests, pastures and wildlife are at danger of elimination.

We are witnessing breathtaking speed in desertification and agricultural stagnancy because of dust particle attacks, increasing contamination of soil and air and non-methodical cutting of trees. The groves, located in the lap of the Zagros Mountains which extended to the shores of the Persian Gulf and had accompanied our ancient history for six thousand years, are now known as the burnt groves.

 The native cheekbones of Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan, which were the guardians of the motherland, are sentenced to elimination. Dust particle attacks have suffocated Khuzestan. The drying of Lake Oroomieh, Zayandeh River, Ghavkhooni, destruction of Lake Parishan and low water levels in the Karoun is a nightmare for Iran’s ecosystem.

Let us not allow Iran’s rooftop, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari – the land of waters – to go without water due to non-methodical extraction of underground water resources by other regions of the country. Vegetation coverage has been the spring source of bounty in the ancient ethics of Iranians. Let us not allow the spread of the shores of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan to go without bread and the green path of the Caspian Sea become colorless.

Unfortunately, our nation’s natural resources have gone down a path of destruction and death during these thirty six years due to commercialism and indifference by authorities in the Islamic Republic regime. By spending the capitals of the Iranian people in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the destroyers of our country have wasted the capital of the future.

My compatriots,
Our country’s ecosystem is headed towards extinction. Let us name this year as the year of national combat for saving Iran’s ecosystem. If nothing is left of Iran, we will not have a home for which we can sing – Oh Iran – Oh bejeweled borders.

Let us strive to save Iran’s ecosystem with national will in the upcoming year. The sole path to creating backgrounds for economic growth, lasting development and preparing each Iranian citizen’s welfare and safety is by the correct and efficient use of natural and man-made resources. Maintenance and guarding of our nation’s natural resources for future generations is the national role of each Iranian citizen.
Despite great uncertainties that our country has been dealt, it is urgent more than ever for all of us Iranians to join civil movements in guarding the ecosystem and natural resources of Iran and to strive, with all our might, to save Iran.

The time has come to choose: we will either bear the weight of drought, poverty and misfortune in Iran separately or, by joining hands, we will build a country that is filled with peace, vitality, safety and welfare for each Iranian citizen.

May each day be Norooz for you and may your Norooz be victorious
Long live Iran

Reza Pahlavi