Prince Reza Pahlavi’s message on the occasion of The thirty-sixth year of the Islamic Republic’s grief

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 18:54
Thirty six years have passed from the grief letter that established a regime called the Islamic Republic in our country; it fought against human values and was in step with the most bitter and difficult story of this revolution.

Cyrus the Great, king of the greater Persia, institutionalized values such as humanitarianism and freedom of belief in his charter over two thousand five hundred years ago. After the end of World War II, these values were the model on which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the foundation of establishing peace, security and humanitarianism for all free nations was based. Unfortunately, the freedoms and rights that the Iranian people achieved throughout history after great calamities, particularly during the constitutional period, were lost to them in confrontations with revolutionary fanatics.

The structure of the Islamic Republic was founded by holding a staged referendum which contradicted international standards, by hanging on to the word of God and by raising the flag of “political Islam”. Therefore, “piety” replaced “being Iranian” and “jurisprudence” replaced “Iranian munificence”.

A passing glance at the Islamic Republic’s report card during the past four decades clearly shows how the political rights of the Iranian people have been routinely violated:

Implementing a cultural revolution, imposing Islamic attire, group executions of military men and political and administrative officials of the country on the rooftop of Refah School according to votes handed out by Islamic Revolution trials and by order of Ayatollah Khomeini, burning the Baha’is alive, killing Sunnis and Jews, assassination of political activists abroad, executions that took place during the sixties decade, sanctioning Iranian culture and art and imposing eight years of destructive war, all brought about the destruction of the country, homelessness of millions of Iranians domestically and displacement of millions of other Iranians abroad from the very beginning.

In addition, serial murders, execution of converts, gays and lesbians and dissidents, shutting down newspapers, imprisoning journalists, students, educators and civil and political activists made fear prevalent in society.

Eventually, arresting the attorneys that defended political and theoretical prisoners, severe repression of the youth, particularly of the women, laborer and syndicate activists, torture and rape of prisoners, abuse of their families, ignoring the conditions of veterans, throwing acid onto young girls, poverty and indigence, unemployment and bankrupt economy, addiction and prostitution, spreading lies about the ancient and rich history of our land in school books, crippling sanctions and the displacement of millions of third generation Iranians abroad, have all caused a weakened morale in society and hope for living has been deplorably reduced.

All of these disasters were for the purpose of looting the liquid assets and capital and resources of our country. The current government has wasted exorbitant capital in support of terrorist groups in the region and the world while in pursuit of its adventurous policies. On one hand, hostage-taking and turmoil-creating policies in the region have damaged Iran’s diplomatic relations with the free world; on the other hand, Iran’s proud name has been brought down as a country that supports terrorism.

Let us not forget that before the 1978 revolution, the Iranian people had gained the “inalienable right” to peaceful nuclear technology. This significance was officially recognized by the free world. Many of the countries that have assumed the policy of sanctioning against Iran today did not have a problem with this technology in Iran during that period. However, not only have the non-transparent actions of the Islamic Republic and violation of international laws deprived the Iranian people of this inalienable right, they have been burdened with an enormous bulk of sanctions whose purpose was to bring this government to its knees.

At this time, while the Islamic Republic government spends the Iranian people’s capital each year during such days for celebrations and feasts in schools, produces television programs aimed at destroying history and censors truth and holds various parties across the world, the ecosystem of Iran is facing destruction. Lakes and ponds are drying up and a heavy mist of managerial incompetence by this government has settled on the image of Khuzestan.


It is clear for everyone that the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic has disappeared and its power has been weakened. Today, this government has difficulty dragging its corpse by force of weapons and power and is nearing the last days of its dark life.

Let us join hands and build the future that each Iranian, from any path and belief and ancestry, deserves. Let us place our concentration on national solidarity and maintaining the integration of Iran in accordance with strengthening a democratic alternative that decorates the world and by determining domestic and exterritorial policies by our own hands.

In accordance with national reconciliation, I am inviting that group of government officials, military and police forces and intelligence and security agencies of the country who know that this government has reached a dead end, and are still thinking of Iran and Iranians, to bypass this anti-Iranian regime and join the democratic movement of the Iranian people. Instead of being tools of repression, be a shield for the protection of the people because you can also have your part in building the future of Iran.

We, the Iranian people, shall be shoulder to shoulder in this crucial fight that is upon the horizon of Iran until such time when a parliamentary government system that decorates the world, holds free and fair elections and writes a new constitution based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishes a healthy economy, welfare and security for Iranian citizens, and makes Iran proud in the global village is established.

Light is victorious over darkness
Reza Pahlavi