Standing Committies

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Budget and Finance
Oversees development of the budget; ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds; ensures adequate financial controls; reviews major donations and associated terms.


Oversees coordination, development, and implementation of the Fundraising event; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support. This committee will establish and maintain communications with private and public donors. Suggest an event to the president, which need to be approved by the board of directors. This committee will draft an appreciation letter to the donors.


Oversees development, coordination, and implementation of public and private event; identifies different sources to facilitate an upcoming event. If an event requires the presence of PRP, the scheduler will coordinate with the secretariat for availability. This committee can suggest conferences, university, or congress events.


This committee will establish and maintain relationships with like-minded, interested organizations and interested groups in order to expand NUFDI base and aid NUFDI initiatives. They would also build coalitions and partnerships for general discourse and specific projects.


Policy and Research
Establish and distribute general framework of the organization’s policies and talking points to NUFDI board and executive members in order to maintain a consistent message. They will coordinate with experts in certain fields in order to establish policies pertinent to NUFDI’s cause.


Establish and maintain contacts with the International media. This committee will communicate NUFDI’s message to the international community as well as with the people of Iran and represents the organization to the public; enhances the organization's image, including communications with the press.


Government Relations
Establish and maintain relationships with policy makers in the US and Canada. This committee will communicate NUFDI’s message to American and Canadian decision makers and to advocate certain policies essential to NUFDI’s mission.


Information Technology
This committee is charged with establishing, maintaining and management of NUFDI’s website and socila media sites. They will also establish and maintain a database of members, donors, and partners.



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