Brighter Future Project

Project Brighter Future brings together a team of experts in economics, law, literature, and other disciplines to design, based on inter-disciplinary research and discussion, an alternative political system for Iran. The goal of Project Brighter Future is to identify an optimal political system, with consideration to ideals such as self-determination, sovereignty, individual representation and participation, proactive policy formulation and responsiveness to changing conditions, all in the interests of a brighter, more prosperous and secure future for the Iranian people.

Awareness Campaign

We work with media, think tanks, thought leaders, government representatives, and others in Washington, D.C. to promote the cause of freedom in Iran.

Human Rights Advocacy

We coordinate with human rights groups and advocates to bring attention to the plight of prisoners of conscience. We work to refer the Islamic Republic's crimes against humanity to the attention of the highest international legal bodies.

Women's Rights Advocacy

We promote, support, and help connect Iranian women's rights activists to the international activists and to a Western audience.

Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

We support and promote the vision of Prince Reza Pahlavi in regards to non-violent civil protests, strike, and other forms of disobedience in Iran and promote their results in the United States.

Supporting Iranian Refugees

We support continued operations of organizations that track Iranian Refugees conditions around the world.